The Sierra Montana Scholarship Fund

The Sierra Montana Scholarship Fund is named and in memory of Aaron Bernette Byrd (aka Baroness 2, Empress Emeritus Sierra Montana) after his passing only a few months after his stepdown as Baroness 3 in the fall of 2004.

The Membership, Board of Directors, and Council of Monarchs have pledged to raise money for this perpetual fund that will be used to award members and allies of the LGBT Community scholarship money to attend a college or university.

It is hoped that the recipient of this scholarship award be an outstanding member or ally of the gay, lesbian, transgender, intersex and straight community. As an organization we want this award to encourage continuing education for individuals involved in the LGBT community. We further wish to foster a positive image of our community within the city of Chicago and the State of Illinois.

To Qualify for a Sierra Montana Scholarship, An Applicant:

  1. Must be an Illinois resident;
  2. Must be fully admitted to any college, university, trade or vocational school;
  3. May be an incoming or continuing student;
  4. Must meet academic/trade program’s satisfactory academic progress criteria;
  5. Must have a cumulative GPA average of at least (On a 4 point scale):
  6. 2.0 for undergraduate/trade programs or
  7. 3.0 for graduate/professional programs; and
  8. Must attend at least as a half-time student.

Mail application and attachments must be
received no later than May 31, 2023.