Board meeting


Greetings All, The June Board of Directors and General Membership meetings will be held on Sunday, June 5, 2022 at 1:00pm ( The BOD Meeting will be first and then and the General Membership meeting to directly follow) at the Center On Halsted (room to be determine) for those who wish to attend in person and there will be a Zoom Call for those that would like to attend virtually. Information about the room number and Zoom Call information will be posted on our various chats and our Court’s Facebook page. Everyone is encourage to attend so that we have quorum in order to conduct important business. If you are unable to attend the June Meeting, please submit your proxy vote in accordance to our current bylaws:

When & Where

January 1, 1970 (12:00 am) – June 5, 0160 (12:00 am)

The center on Halstead and telle-conference